Friday, 21 March 2014

Domain Authority

Why Should You Care About Domain Authority?

We have all heard of Alexa and Google Page Rank, but how important are they really?
we also heard of Domain important are they really too?
Everyone has their own standards of what they like to hold their web sites to,
but one statistic starting to mean more and more to people is “Domain Authority.”
Now today “Domain Authority” more and more valuable eye of advertisers and Ads network.

What is Domain Authority?

This term was created by Moz.
Domain Authority speaks to Moz's best forecast for how a site will perform in internet searcher rankings.
Use Domain Authority when contrasting one webpage with an alternate or following the "quality" and "quantity".

Where can you Find Domain Authority?

Page Authority metrics are incorporated into dozens of SEO and online marketing platforms across the web.
You can measure Page Authority using Open Site Explorer
or the MozBar,
Moz's free SEO toolbar.

How Domain Authority is Calculated?

As i informed you earlier, Domain authority tries to calculate the Power and trust of a domain name.
 For doing this, they use three important factors which are listed below:

  1. Age of a Website
  2. Popularity of a Website
  3. Size of a Website

How to Increase the Domain Authority of Your Site?

  • Create High Quality Contents 

As I mentioned earlier, Domain Authority gives importance to inbound links(incoming links or backlinks).
You can only get backlink from other websites or users, if they share your articles on their social networks which is only
possible when your article is of high quality. If you are unable to get Fresh Content ideas all the time,
you may check How to write fresh contents all the time in your blog.

  • Guest Post on Top Blogs

Guest posting is undoubtedly the best way to get backlinks from top blogs.
If you are really a good writer, try to write Guest Posts on Blogs which has Good Domain Authority Score.
If a particular  blog or website has a Domain Authority score of 50 or more, it is considered good.

  • Build Inbound Links

One factor that the search engines consider when determining the authority of a domain is the number of inbound links
that are pointing to it which conveys the “popularity” of the website. If a website has lots of inbound links from other
high authority websites, it is considered to be a high authority site by association. One website only links to another if
there is useful information to be found at the destination site. There are many white hat link building tactics, but what really
helps generate quality inbound links is creating and distributing quality content on a regular basis.

  • Let It Age

There’s really nothing that can be done here besides keeping up with domain registration.
If a domain has been registered for a long time and the website has gradually been building traffic it is viewed much more
favorably than a brand new domain that hasn’t yet earned that search engine trust.

From the Editor’s Desk

I tried my level best to provide all kind of information related to Domain Authority.
If you have read the complete article properly, you are now aware of Domain Authority.
You also know about various method which can be used to improve your Domain Authority Rank so apply them.

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