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Google AdSense Approval: Here’s What to Do If Your AdSense Account Gets Rejected

Google AdSense approval.. finding it really hard? Is your Google AdSense account got rejected? I know there are many bloggers who are searching for ways to get their Google AdSense approved but most of them always gets AdSense rejection. In this detailed guide, I’ll walk you through few proven ways to get your Google AdSense approval.

Why Google rejects your AdSense application?

Let’s first start with the basic question. Why does Google rejects your AdSense program?
Well, there are many reasons for getting your AdSense application rejected. Here are few primary reasons why your AdSense account gets rejected.
  • You violated Google policy rules.
  • You don’t have enough contents (average number of articles).
  • You are not getting enough traffic to your blogs or websites.
Now, let’s briefly discuss about them.
In case of violating Google policy rules
Please read carefully about the Google policies before applying for Google AdSense account. Google has few set of policies and rules that can’t be skipped at any cost. If you’ve violated any of their rules such as content plagiarization, using someone’s images, crappy web design etc, rectify them immediately and reapply for AdSense account. Here’s a detailed guide on few factors to rememberbefore applying for Google AdSense.
In case of not having enough content
To get your Google AdSense approval, you must need good number of articles on your blogs and websites. Although there’s no fixed number on creating the articles, having around 5o to 100 quality and original articles is the REAL key to getting your AdSense account approved in the first attempt itself! Make sure each and every post you write is relevant, not stuffed with keywords and focused on users not on getting more clicks.
In case of not getting enough website traffic
As a rule of thumb, if you are getting 1000 unique visitors each and every day, your chances of getting Google AdSense approval will increase and so does your AdSense income.
To get that kind of traffic from search engines, you need to write keyword rich articles that grab the attention of search engine crawlers. Here are few proven tips to get quality traffic from search engines to your articles.
  • Before writing even one word on your next post, perform keyword research first. Choosing the right keywords is perhaps the only factor that can triple your search engine rankings.
  • Always do on-page optimization on each and every article you write. Make sure to include your primary keywords on title, sub headings, image alt tags, internal links and maintain a keyword ratio of 1 to 2% to increase organic traffic.
  • Build quality backlinks on your keywords by guest posting, blog commenting and reaching out other people to linking out to your blog posts. The more people who link to your web pages, the more traffic you will get from search engines.

Google AdSense approval: How to get Google AdSense approved?

google adsense approval
Make sure to create articles around 600 to 800 words: Most beginner bloggers think that they can build a Google AdSense based blog or website just by writing 100 to 300 words articles. Although there is no thumbrule of writing articles with specific word limit, you can increase your chances of getting your AdSense account approved by writing 600 words articles. That way you will not only be able to add some value to your content but you can also include few keywords with theproper keyword density to drive more organic traffic.
Use your business email: Make sure you have a custom domain name like and create a domain name personalized email for your account immediately after launching your site. If you don’t have an email with your domain, you should probably get one immediately and use the same email to apply for Google AdSense. For instance, you can increase your chances of getting your AdSense account approved by using a domain based email like instead of
Make sure your site is 6 months old: To get your Google AdSense approved, you must need a website that is owned by you at least for 6 months. This is to ensure the quality of Google AdSense ad network and protect their advertisers.
Avoid building offensive or non-family safe websites: Google has various bots that will easily figure out what your site content is all about. If they find your website content vulgar, offensive or not family safe, your Google AdSense account will not be approved. So avoid building the websites that are spammy and/or offensive.
Googel AdSense approval review waiting time: Generally Google AdSense team takes anywhere around 2 to 3 days at an average to complete your AdSense review process. So whenever your AdSense account gets rejected make sure to first take some time to reapply. In this case, I recommend you to take at least 3 to 4 weeks gap to reapply for AdSense account.
Final thoughts about getting Google AdSense approval
We all know Google AdSense can be really effective when it comes to making money from websites. You don’t have to be an expert in any field to start making real money from AdSense, by just driving enough search traffic can help you make some decent income from AdSense.
Getting Google AdSense approval on your account is not a rocket science. All you need to take care is to follow Google policies carefully and create content that is valuable (which is at least 600 word articles). Make sure to increase your organic traffic by focusing on the right type of keywords, and always perform right keyword research to increase your overall search rankings.
Never use copyrighted images or sources from other blogs or websites or you will never get your AdSense account approved as Google strictly moderates each and every application. Try to use search engine friendly themes to make your website look appealing. If you’re using WordPress, don’t use too many plugins or you may end up building a slow loading website which is not good to get Google AdSense approval.
Do you have any more tips on getting Google AdSense approval? Or was your AdSense account rejected, please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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