Sunday, 16 February 2014

How to Display Popular Posts in Blogger

Displaying Popular Posts in your sidebar often help your users to quickly take a look at the content that is more new and fresh. If the most recent posts are somewhat linked to each other, then it might engage your visitors for a bit longer.  It also gives them a basic idea that what kind of content is published on a certain blog. However, in some designing methods people want to display recent posts differently according to their design. In this article, we will show you How to Display Popular Posts in Blogger.

Display Recent Post With A Summery in Blog?

Some people have different approaches of showing Popular Posts in their blogs. They want them to be with a title and a short description, so that users can get some idea about the topic. There're multiple ways of doing that, but we have listed below the most simplest and work friendly method.

How To Apply It?

It is very simple and I think it is best for new blogger.
First go to “Layout”

Then click on “add gadget”

Then click on “Popular Posts”

Then click on “Save”

From the Editor’s Desk

It’s a nice widget for blogger users. Now they can use it in their blog. Officially, It doesn’t allow any facility to use in Pages. However you can use it in sidebar, Footer, Below Post or Above Post depending upon your Templates. I have tested it in both Default and customized blogger templates and is working fine everywhere.

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