Sunday, 16 February 2014

Best Tips How to Add an Official Contact Form Widget to Blogger?

 I is very good tool for blogger. It easy and simple. Blogger’s developer team is really working hard for the betterment of Blogger. Few months ago, They introduced Wikipedia Search Box widget. Now they have launched another widget (Contact Form) Widget which allows you to add Official Contact Form widget to either sidebar or footer depending upon the location of widget box on your Template. It is a good news for blogger users because it will not disturb the page loading speed of Blog. This post contains the instruction for adding Official Contact Form widget to blogger.

Why You Should Use Official Contact Form Widget in Blogger?

  1. Simple and Beautiful
  2. Does not Show any impact on Page load Speed.
  3. No Need of Using any Third Party Contact Form Any more.

How to Add an Official Contact Form Widget to Blogger?

Simple follows the steps. First open layout

Then click on “Add a Gadget

  After click on “Add a Gadget“ a page open . then click on “More Gadgets” then open “Contact Form” 

After that, simply name your Contact Form. The screenshot for the same is shown below:
Save”  it then enjoy.

From the Editor’s Desk 

It’s a nice widget for blogger users. Now they can use it in their blog. Officially, It doesn’t allow any facility to use in Pages. However you can use it in sidebar, Footer, Below Post or Above Post depending upon your Templates. I have tested it in both Default and customized blogger templates and is working fine everywhere .

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