Saturday, 27 September 2014

How to Fixed - Google Code Subversion Repository

Hello friends,
Today I am discussing about an error that had appeared on many person's websites around few days ago. Even my website was a victim of that. When anyone enters the affected website, a box will appear about some error and and show a box for entering a username and password. So this became a large issue and so that I fixed that.

Screenshot Of The Problem

Why This Error Occurs ?

This error occurs when any script got deleted. This script will be hosted by other persons and when they remove those scripts, we are suffering if we were using those scripts on our website.

What Is The Error Caption ? 

This error will show a dialog box containing this dialogue : "A username and password are being requested by The site says: "Google Code Subversion Repository" - This refers to one who hosted that script.

What is The Bad Effects Of This Error

The main bad effect of this error is that, many people will be afraid by seeing those boxes and they will stop visiting your website if the problem persists. So this will cause a huge decline in your website traffic.

How To Solving The Problem

For solving the problem and making your site good, please follow these steps if you are a blogger.
Go to blogger.
Go to the template tab.
Find the script used by that address [ eg:- ].
It will be like <script src="" /> [scriptcode varies according to the link ]
Delete that script.
Save your template.
If you are using any other website services, please follow these steps : 
Find the source code of your website.
Find that script used by that address.
Delete that script.
You are done.
Totally change Template.

Tips To Avoid This Problem

To avoid this problem, it would be better if you host those scripts by your own. You can a script very easily in So if the publisher of that code allows you to host yourself, better you host the code yourself. If he hasn't given you permission to host that code yourself, it is a violation as per the Copyright Act.


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