Friday, 13 June 2014

How to install template

A good template or a good web design is the first impression of your website. Every website builder wishes that their website look like professional website, but most of the blogger do not afford the cost of web design, so that they design template their self. Blogger is among the foremost CMS platform powered by Google that offers hassle free blogging tools to its publishers for absolutely free. Blogger supports XML web templates, you can create or upload your own, or there are tons of websites available that provided FREE XML Blogger Templates in website. Today in this article, we will show you How to upload or Install Template in Blogger.

Download a professional blogger template

As I early said that there has many website who give you professional template absolutely free. Download free website templates or blogspot templates on website like .  
After download extract the XML file.

How to install template?

After extract your template and which would be in .xml format go to your blogger dashboard.

1st Step: Now click on template

2nd Step: Click on Backup/Upload

3rd Step: click on Choose File, then a new window will pop. Select “Browse” and Then select the XML file which you download before that you want to install on your website. Once everything is done, press “Upload” in the end.


You have successfully learned how to upload or install a blogger template with step by step guidance. 
We hope this tutorial may have helped you to learn how to install a blogger template, if you find any error during the uploading process then it might be because template is broken corrupted. Share your thoughts and experience about how having a perfect blogger template could be beneficial for you and your visitors.

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