Friday, 25 April 2014

How to Increase Your Google+ Followers

Google Plus button is more like Facebook Like button and can be added on a website or blog home and internal pages. Google+ is just like any other social network.  In order to be social, you need to have friends. You need other people on that social network to interact with, people who are active members of that social network.  If they don’t log in on a regular basis and keep their profile active, they can’t interact with you. In order to build up your social media presence, you need to be active, as well.

Why I Increase google+ followers 

Google plus One is going to also affect search engine rankings in two ways on Google. Firstly, Google has already indicated that data coming against Google Plus button is going to be a ranking Factor on Google. So if you are able to get large number of clicks on your Google + button that will boost your website rankings on Google search. Secondly, if you use Google search while logging into Your Google Account, any one of your connection doing Google plus against that result will be shown up in the search engine result pages.

What to Do First 

First, you’ll need a Google Plus account. Most likely you probably already have a Google account, you just need to sign up for Google+ if you have not done so already.Go ahead and fill out your profile. Fully.
Create Google Plus Circle.
This circle will include those people whom you will be interacting with. You can group your Google + Circle in to friends, family, following, customers, online circle, team members, VIP’s etc. Then you can decide which circle will get which update that you will be making on Google Plus. There will be some updates you would be interested in sharing with your friends only and some updates to your family members only.

Add the G+ Follow Button to Your Website/Blog:

During the Direct Connect setup process, Google+ also offers you the option to generate Google+ follow buttons for your page. Take advantage of them, and install the buttons on your website and blog to help you convert website visitors into.
Ask Your Friends to add you on Google plus Circle
One of the easiest ways to increase your Google plus followers is to ask your existing blogging friends and peers to connect with you on Google plus profile. Try to give them your link and whenever someone adds you on your Google plus profile, add them back to show your gratitude.

Comment on other people’s Updates

You need to be in the radar of all the influence and who spend quality time on Google plus. The only best way to get into their radar is to comment regularly on others posts and updates. This not only gives you more followers on Google plus, but it will also enrich your knowledge.
You should start commenting on latest updates from other uses in your niche on Google plus. This way as well you can get in touch with lots of new fellow bloggers and targeted readers of your niche.

Share Your Awesome Content:

 Another way to create a truly valuable Google+ Page that naturally attracts followers is to share remarkable content -- blog articles, links to landing pages for ebooks, webinars, etc. Pay attention to what types of content your followers are responding to, and adapt your strategy to include more of that content. Engage your followers in discussions by asking questions and requesting feedback.

From Editor Desk:

I’m sure the above tips will help you take your Google Plus Followers base to the next level. Do you have a killer tip that can help increase Google Plus Followers, please share in the comments section below.

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